At 5 or 50: Never Too Early/Late for Your 1st Ballroom Dance Dress!


Is your daughter ‘cha-cha-cha’ing her way around the house? Is your mother her loyal partner-in-crime?

Well, what are you waiting for? Go and get them their very 1st ballroom dance dress!

Register both of them for a ball dance class and watch them enjoy their passion!!!

However, since you might be a newbie in a dance dress shop, let this be your shopping assistant.

Firstly, both of them might share the same zeal and love for dance, but their dress styles can’t be the same. You need to make sure that while your mother’s dress makes it evident that she is ageing with grace, your daughter’s pretty dress must reflect her innocence.

So, let’s take one dancer at a time:

  1. The young grace and innocence personified

Ballroom dancing is one of the best ways to enhance a child’s physical fitness and increase her level of physical, social interaction. However, this calls for the perfect dance gear. Letting a child rule over the dance floor needs an ideal attire.

Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts while shopping for younger ones:

  1. Do’s
  • Get the best quality material, considering their soft and sensitive skin; and comfort should be the priority.
  • Fringe skirts with turtleneck style top are always preferable.
  • Sequins are always a yes-yes for kids considering the brightness they impart
  • Based on the style of ballroom dance that they choose to be trained in, you can opt for either a skirt and a top (a 2-piece dress) or a one-piece dress.

However, make sure that the ballroom dance dress you buy is of bright colour. crux

  1. Don’ts
  • The length of a skirt shouldn’t preferably cross the ankle. Each style of ballroom dance has at least a couple of complicated steps for newbies. Long length ballroom dresses might make it difficult for a child to master such steps without tripping.


  1. The graceful age-defying dancer

The secret is to ensure that your dress does not hide your body. However, too much skin wouldn’t be ideal for a woman this age.

Here’s the list of do’s and don’ts for this age bracket.

  1. Do’s
  • Ensure that the dress is memorable in the right way. High slits will not be something that she will be comfortable in, at least for the initial stages of her dance.
  • In case a dancer is in doubt about the amount of skin that she is comfortable to show, nude mesh might just be the thing.

That’s like an illusion for the eye: showing skin without actually showing skin.

  • Fringe is an excellent choice for this age bracket too. A fringed skirt or a fringed dress, both are equally perfect.


  1. Don’ts
  • High slits and mermaid ballroom dresses are both a big no-no considering the tapering style of the dress.

Apart from these valuable tips on the perfect dance dress, do let the newbies know a few unique points so that they are mentally prepared for the ambience:

  • No one’s an MJ there, so don’t feel uncomfortable if you feel like you have two left feet.
  • Enjoy the class, interact, and have fun!
  • Be upfront with your issues.

In addition, just know this: that ballroom dance dress you are wearing is privileged! So, hold your head high!

With these points in mind, you might grab the perfect Latin dance dress for both the dance divas at your home. Who knows, maybe something might catch your eyes that looks like its tailor-made just for you!!!

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