Ballroom Dance Dress for Senior Dancers – 4 Things to Consider!


Ballroom dance has taken a whole new level of engagement with more and more senior dancers taking it up. Whatever be the motivation, it’s heartening to know that they are engaging in this power-packed activity.

Nevertheless, it has been observed that a large number of dresses for ballroom dance are designed for a youth’s physique. With an increasing number of seniors involving, it’s time to focus on ballroom dance dress that suits the needs of elderly participants.

Their physical build-up is different from that of youth and middle-aged performers. Hence, their fitting requirements are also different. They can, thus, look for specific factors to make the perfect choice of dress. It will ensure that these are not too over-the-top while still being elegant and sophisticated.

Points to consider before choosing ballroom costumes for the elderly:

  • Minimal revealing yet sensual

Elderly dancers often come with issues related to their body shape which make the costume either too dull or too revealing. It often leads to discomfort as well. What they need is a dress that is a balanced mix of sensuality and comfort.

Often in covering their over or under-grown physical structure, they end up with unappealing fuller sleeves and solid colours. With so many elements to add up to the sophistication, ballroom dress in can always be made to look sensual yet minimal, which is what the elderly desire.

  • Colour of the dress chosen

Choosing the wrong colour for participating in ballroom dance is another area these dancers fail to impress in. To keep it subtle and subdued, they end up choosing dark or dim colours. Or, for keeping it safe, they go with the black colour.

Although bright colours may not be the best choice, intense shades like burgundy, emerald, royal blue, etc. are appropriate alternatives to black.

Also, a ballroom dance dress in pastel shades blends in perfectly with their silver or grey locks. Use of applique, fringe or float also works to mingle with their body shape.

  • Posture of dancing

While it is true that the dancing posture of senior dancers is not the same as the rest, a correctly designed dress complements their posture.

A slightly bent body posture cannot go with a dress that is tight-fitting because those dancers will not be able to perform dance steps that require flexibility. Also, it will shift the focus of viewers to these slouches. Hence, they can choose to have a loose mesh sewed around the bend with rhinestone studded for their ballroom dresses. It will offer perfect mobility too.

  • Bust suitability

Elderly female dancers generally have large busts, thus, requiring good support that keeps their body in shape while dancing. An extra pair of straps would serve perfectly. Here too, a thicker strap would be more functional than thin strips.

To make sure that it is not visible, they can go for nude shades. Another way to keep them invisible is to match them with the chosen dress colour.

For these dresses to go well with the appearance of senior dancers, they can choose to buy from expert sellers like Smarts Dance Dress. They offer a wide range of dress sizes along with a distinct customisation option.

So, time to make ballroom dance dress from perfect for the elderly!

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