custom Latin dance gown


Custom Latin dance gowns are special creations that result from the efforts of dedicated individuals who understand the peculiarities of the world of competitive dancing.

Gowns are generally worn for special occasions. Dance gowns are somehow distinguished from your typical evening gowns in that they are more elaborately embellished because they are made to be noticed. Latin dance gowns particularly are in a class all their own because they serve a very specific purpose for the dancers who wear them.

Latin dances are famous for being sultry and passionate. They are faster-paced, very suggestive and are characterized by their sensual hip movements. The dancers need to be able to convey this mood with their performance and overall appearance. They need to complement the intensity of their dance routines with their attire. It is for this reason that they wear custom Latin dance gowns.

Custom Latin dance gowns are constructed specifically to dazzle the audience by the way they make the dancers look on the dance floor; by the way they emphasize certain dance steps (a kick here, a dip there etc); and by the way they catch the spotlights to give the dancers that explosive and magical appeal. Just looking at all those fabulous custom Latin dance gowns make the overall experience of watching dance competitions a unique experience.

Although Latin dance gowns are available ready-to-wear or pre-owned, competitive dancers prefer having theirs custom made. They have very specific costume requirements that most ready-made Latin dance gowns won’t have. A professional dancer understands her body and knows what features to look for in a dance dress to play down certain flaws and enhance certain assets. She will be looking for a particular fabric in a specific print/color, a certain style. She would know what decorations to use and where to place them.

She would want her custom Latin dance dress to work well with any of the Latin dances, considering their different moods and tempo. Social or traditional Latin dancing would include samba, mambo, rumba, salsa, cha-cha, merengue, bolera, cumbia and many more. Competition or formal ballroom Latin dancing (also called DanceSport Latin Dancing or International Latin) includes only five (5) styles namely samba, rumba, cha-cha, paso doble and jive.

Having one’s Latin dance gown custom made also makes sure that nothing in it will hinder the dancer’s movements and that of her partner’s. Having the male dancer constantly tripping on his partner’s costume simply will not do. Getting his hands or arms caught up in a dress that has many complicated folds and trims will also get in the way and will result to a poor overall performance.

These are just some of the considerations that go into the design of a dance costume. Ideally a dancer should be collaborating with an experienced costume designer and/or seamstress who will listen to all her specifications and those of her choreographer and dance partner. It will help if the seamstress has some actual dancing background so that she will understand more clearly what is required.

A custom Latin dance gown is almost always a group effort. This same group of people who will undoubtedly be watching with bated breath as the dance gown they created is put on the spotlight along with the dancer wearing it.

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