Custom Made Ballroom Dance Gowns or Ready-Made?


There are many places offering ballroom dance gowns to cater to serious dance aficionados, the occasional dancers who like dressing up for some special nights out or even those who just need the appropriate dance costume for a school play perhaps. Most places who offer these dresses ready-made also have in-house designers and seamstresses and can work with clients who have very specific requirements to come up with custom made ballroom dance gowns.

Dancing will never go out of style for many people as it not only keeps the body fit, it is also a personal expression of one’s moods and feelings. Dancers are passionate and expressive people. This trait shows even in their choice of dance wear. While most will be happy with ready-to-wear ballroom dance gowns especially if they are made from quality material, those with the most discerning taste will not have their ballroom dance gown any other way except custom-made.

How do you decide whether to go for ready-made or a custom made ballroom dance gown? Consider the following points (not in any particular order):

• How serious are you as a dancer?

If you are new to the dancing scene or still currently “testing the dancing waters” and quite unsure yet if you will take it up for very long, it is best NOT to choose a custom made ballroom dance gown YET. You will be quite happy with the many available designs in the ready-to-wear line of most dancewear shops. The styles and designs are actually really fabulous and you will quite possibly enjoy yourself immensely fitting some of them. It will be like playing dress-up.

If on the other hand you are already an accomplished no-nonsense dancer with very demanding dance routines, you need a dress that can keep up with all your moves without falling apart especially during competition. In this case, you might want to seriously consider going for a custom made ballroom dance gown.

• Style, Size, Fabric, Color, Patterns and Decorations

Ready-made ballroom gowns come in a VERY wide variety of choices. Even if that dancewear shop around the corner has a limited selection on display, they will very likely be able to order one for you in the particular style and color that you liked. This works fine if you don’t have too many specific requirements. Otherwise your only option will be to go for a custom made ballroom dance gown. This way you will get the style you wanted in the right color, in the fabric required, with patterns and decorations where you want them, and it will fit you like second skin.

• Body Type

It is possible these days to find ready-made ballroom dance gowns that will “more or less” fit dancers of a certain body type, but each of us have some peculiar issues with some parts of our bodies that we want our outfit to somehow minimize if not totally hide. Specifics like this are best addressed by custom made ballroom dance gowns.

• Budget

Custom made ballroom dance gowns are understandably more expensive than some ready-made gowns. If budget is a big consideration, ready-made will be your best option.

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