Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe: Which of the Ballroom Dresses Suit You the Most?


“…But Mom I need to get ballroom dresses for my dance competition.”

“Why do you need ballroom dance dress when you have evening gowns?”


Do not worry; your answers are right here along with a comprehensive catalogue of dresses based on the kind of ideal figure that you have.

Read on to have the perfect answer the next time!!

First things first…

Why should you choose ballroom dresses instead of evening gowns?

Well, not all occasions require a similar style of attire. When it comes to dance competitions or any vigorous dance, you need proper dance dresses.

As the name suggests, dance dresses are tailor-made to suit the ballroom dance moves. Here’s a precise comparison that would give you enough insight into the reason for your choice:

  • A ballroom dress has flares and fittings just at the perfect places – to enable a dancer’s smooth move and yet highlight the body part engaged in the movement.

Evening gowns are not specialised for the event and hence, are not made accordingly. This makes it an inappropriate dress for dancers.


  • Despite being skin-fit at places, it is breathable. On the other hand, the design of a gown determines its level of comfort.


  • A ballroom dress stretches with dance movement, unlike

Now, imagine being at a dress shop. Trapped amongst the clouds of dance dresses meant for ball dances, you find all of them equally appealing.

The confusion is close to wedding jitters.

So, let’s help you out of this.

Which ballroom dress suits your figure?

Often, when a newbie chooses a dress, the confusion is manifold. The first step to have a clear notion about the type of ballroom dance dress is to identify the kind of figure you have.

  1. APPLE:

Description: Apple or inverted triangle figure has the following characteristics:

  • Narrow waist and hip
  • Wide shoulder and bust

Tips: A flared skirt will highlight your waist. Do avoid any tight fit skirt.

  1. PEAR:

Description: The following features identify reverse apple or pear or triangle shape of the body:

  • Narrow bust and shoulders
  • Wide Hips
  • More defined hips than the apple shape of a body

Tips: Plain bottoms with bright coloured tops will accentuate your bust and shoulder and give you a sober and classy look. Avoid any mermaid style dress.


Description: This figure is also known as the double triangle figure and is identified with the following features:

  • Defined Waist
  • Wide hip and shoulder

Tips: Baggy clothes are a no-no for you as they would shadow and hide your sharp features. Mermaid and trumpet style ballroom dress will be the perfect choice for you.

  1. BANANA:

Description: People with banana/rectangle kind of figure usually have a straight body type along with the following characteristics:

  • Few inches of difference among bust, hip and waist measurement.
  • Less defined waist

Tips: Whatever you wear will look even better on you when paired with a bright coloured sash. However, avoid wearing something which sits too low on the waist.

Your dress compliments your figure and not the other way round. So, make sure that you choose ballroom dresses that would highlight your best features.

It will lend you the much-needed confidence and ensure that you can stretch and jazz your way away into your passion!

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