Know Your Ballroom Dance Dress and Match It with Trends!


Yes, you’ve got the right partner, the right moves, the right track…but what about the right ballroom dance dress?

Girl, the competition is just some months away, how in the name of heavens will you manage? Got stuck with such a scenario?

Then, you have searched out the correct page!

A ballroom dance competition may look very easy to crack, but in reality, if your dress goes wrong, you will be left in a lurch. Just so that you can be on the right track dancing your way in, scroll down for a quick checklist!

How to choose your dance dress?

For those who are looking forth to ace it in the ball this season, here are some tips to ensure that your dress is the one to look out for.

  1. Body type is a must

While choosing ballroom dresses, you must be very careful about your body type.

Broad shoulders to flaunt? Keep the dress from constricting the same.

Petite waist to your claim? Accentuate your curves with the correct fit.

Do keep the straps of your bralette nude while picking the same and add an extra strap to it. Mesh sleeves with higher cuts on your dress is an excellent combination!

  1. Fit it well – top and bottom

Keep it sexy but don’t reveal too much! In current times, most of the dresses have adjustable material and straps. However, it is precisely the bust area that you have to be very careful about.

If you keep the sleeves long and conservative, then go in for the usual hide and seek type rather than complete show.

Are you planning to groove to a bold track? In that case – combine two colours to create the perfect silhouette. Problem areas of your body? Add some appliques or laces to perfect the silhouette.

  1. Manage the fabric well

If you have too many stretch marks in your body, then do keep away from mesh, angelskin, and dance crepe types. Stick to stretchy velvet and lycra, and accentuate the look with a thin bodice.

  1. Please mind the colour!

With all those ballroom lights glowing and you being at the centre of attention, you need to put on a shade that accentuates not just your figure but also that particular theme. Never buy a hue that can clash with your mane’s shade!

Do you consider black to be the safest hue? Then this season go pastel with your ballroom dance dress. Some of the safe alternatives would be – deep burgundy, emerald, and royal blue.

Finally, carry that attire with a dash of confidence and let this world bow down to your twinkling feet.

Trends in ballroom dresses this season –

Every year the ballroom improves its standards. Trends that are breaking the floor this year are –

  • Fabrics are back in town with waterfall patterns being the most opted
  • Straps and cut-outs make every dance move look divine
  • Go exotic with tribal cuts and patterns
  • Got an hourglass shape? Belt up your ballroom dance dress with the same to dazzle
  • Nothing can beat the magic of classic fringes!

Do consult an authentic retailer (whether you directly choose one or go in for a customised pattern) for this dance competition!

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