Popular and trendy Latin dance skirts at a glance


Choosing a suitable dance dress for the competition will be surely a tricky task. This is because on one hand, you have a variety of styles, colors choices fabrics and on the other hand, you need to choose different dresses that are suitable for all different dance styles that are utterly different in mood, pace, and style. For instance, a typical red and black Latin dance skirt might be suitable for passionate tango or Pa-so double. But if you choose that same costume for pleasant samba, that won’t be a good choice at all.

Points to note

Well, apart from the different dance styles also there are other factors to consider such as the body type of the dancer, the level of dance, and choreography. As a dancer, you need to approach your weak and strong sides in a very careful manner while you also need to make sure that the dress emphasizes your distinct style as an individual and as a couple as well. And at this point, it will be right to consult with your trainer or a dance dress designer.

On the dance floor, you have a few minutes to impresses the judges and the audience and that is why your dance costume needs to be creative just as your dance moves. Don’t worry, the dance costume designers are continuously experimenting with different fabrics, styles, color, and materials so that you can get an attention-grabbing presentation on the floor.

Two trendy Latin dance skirts in brief

Here take a look at some of the most popular Latin dance skirts:

• Draped Latin dance skirt — This is something truly chic and elite. A draped skirt might look simple but this gives you a classy look. Very soft material such as thin stretchy satin, mesh or angel-skin is used to make a perfect draped Latin dance skirt. However, the dress might look plain but making a well-fitted and interesting draped dress is not an easy task. However, once the dress is done, the effort will surely pay off.

• Fringe Latin dance skirt — The use of fringe is very common in Latin dance-wear. This helps in emphasizing your moves and this adds a simple yet elegant look to the dress without the requirements of flashy materials like rhinestones. But as far as your body type is concerned, you need to make sure that the fringe pattern suits your body. The horizontally and densely attached fringe all over the body will make a short and curvy looking body even shorter.

Instead, the fringes attached in the form of tassels just around the hip and bust area will surely make the magic happen. Another, benefit of having a fringe Latin dress skirt is that this material will add elegance without making the dress heavy. Well, if you want both sparkle and fringe in your dance skirt, you can try the dress made with beaded bugle fringe or fringe made of sequins.

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