The varieties of Latin dance skirt at a glance


Picking a Latin dance skirt for a competition might be quite tricky. It comes with a variety of styles. Apart from the styles, the particularities of the body style must be incorporated while choosing Latin dance skirts. During the competition, the participants get a few minutes to impress their judges & the audiences. Therefore, the costume must be very creative. Nowadays, the dance dress designers are constantly experimenting with different fabrics, pattern & looking for new styles that could stand out on the dance floor. The details of different types of Latin dance skirts are given below.

The varieties of Latin dance skirt
Learn about the varieties of different Latin dance skirts in today’s post.

Fringe Latin skirt: Fringe is one of the most popular decorations used in Latin dancewear. It contributes a lot in emphasizing the movement of the dancers. It can be attached to the skirts & eventually suits almost all body types. Another good idea is to consider a dance skirt decorated with beaded fringe sewn in individually. It will highlight the movements of the dancer while not putting up weight.

Draped Latin skirt: Drapes & floats are available in numerous shapes & forms to provide the generalized description of Latindance skirts. Such skirts are made of very soft stretchy material such as mesh, angelskin or thin stretchy satin to make the drapes & floats hug the body in a natural looking way. A well made draped skirt always looks quite expensive & high-class.

Patterned Latin skirt: The different pattern includes animal, floral or abstract prints look very fresh on the dance floor as compared to the skirt in solid color. Choosing this kind of skirt is undoubtedly an ideal solution to arrest the attention of the audiences. Tiger or leopard printed skirts look daring & represent a great choice for a confident dancer. These skirts are often combined with red decoration to create an image of a wounded animal & with golden accessories to give a more glamorous look.

Empire waist Latin ballroom skirt: This skirt is a great choice for the petite ladies because it visually elongates the body & makes the dancer looks taller. This is quite a tricky style & it is not fitted for all the dancers.

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