Tips on how to Store Your Beautiful Ballroom Dresses


When you first buy those sumptuous ballroom dresses made out of the finest delicate materials and trimmed with all those eye-catching sparkly stones and trimmings, you probably give little shown to how best you are going keep them that way. You will want to keep the colors bright and attractive and keep the dress shape exactly as it was if you bought it. There is nothing worse than discoloration, damaged fabric, shrinkage and stretching. So how, I hear you ask, do I store and keep my ballroom dresses clean, fresh and in good shape? After all, you have already invested both time and money into finding the right one.

Well, help is accessible. In this and the next post, we?¡¥re going to have a look at some hints and tips for looking after your ballroom dresses which are inexpensive and straightforward to follow.
Let?¡¥s look first at
the method that you go about storing your ballroom dance dresses. You could be convinced that you just hang them up in your closet. Well, you actually hang them up, but not just anywhere. Firstly, you have to consider the fact that most ballroom dresses crease easily (which creases are usually difficult to remove). So , prevention being much better than a cure, you have to ensure that you hang them on a rail where they’ve already plenty of space around them and that they are not touching anything else. Ideally, the hanging space will be dry and airy as this will help prevent mold from forming on your dress.
Next, you want to
think about protecting your garment from other pursuits that will spoil it. These include dust and dirt in the atmosphere and possible infestation from insects, such as moths, which will ruin your precious dress by eating holes in it! The solution is to get a plastic dress cover. Both inexpensive and effective.
You also have
to consider the potential for the fabric fading. This really is brought on by exposure to natural light. What is more, it doesnt take much time in direct sunlight for this to start happening. This is how your plastic ballroom dancing dresses covers again come to the rescue. But you have to make sure that you might have bought ones that are dark in color and opaque. If they are light and transparent, then your mild will still damage the fabric.
So, you need to hang your ballroom dresses in a roomy dry area
and be sure that they are protected from sunlight as well as other damage by enclosing them in dark-colored plastic covers. This is step one to prolonging the enjoyment you get from wearing your beautiful dresses.

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