A Guide on How to Choose the Perfect Latin Dress for Dancing


Dancing promotes fitness, works as a mood elevator and improves mind-body coordination. However, there’s more to dancing than just performing the moves. The presentation is an important aspect of it too, and this mostly means the right dance dress. With the option to choose from a wide variety of dance dresses, here is your guide to choose the perfect Latin dress.

  1. Consider the dancing style

There are numerous styles of Latin dances viz. – salsa, mambo, bachata, tango, samba, cha-cha-cha, rumba, Argentinian tango, pasodoble, etc.

All these different styles embody varying mood, spirit, energy and expressions. Therefore, it’s apparent that you must keep in mind all the elements of the particular dancing style when choosing a Latin dance dress.

For example, a long length dress with a flaring skirt will look appropriate for the passionate form of pasodoble. On the contrary, for a more energetic style like samba and tango, a shorter Latin dress with frills like a frangia skirt will be ideal.

  1. Consider your body type

Every dancer is unique, and so are his/her features. The same routine performed by two different dancers will have a different appeal, due to the difference in the body structure of the two individuals.

That is why it’s essential you reflect on what’s your best feature. Dance in front of a mirror and ask yourself what your best feature is and which movements look the most attractive when you dance.

For example, if you are a tall person and boast toned legs, a Latin dress with a knee-length or shorter skirt will work in your favour. Similarly, if you have great arms and hand, elegant hand movements are your forte then choose a dress with frills and extensions near the elbows and wrists.

Furthermore, a dancer’s body type is also of prime importance

  • For men –

Traditionally, men wear solid black full sleeve shirts and full-length trousers. But, ornamented wears for shows and competitions are popular too. Men must consider various aspects of their build like height and broadness when picking their costume. For example, men with brawny built may benefit from looser clothes, while ones who are leaner will look better in slim fit designs.

  • For women –

Latin and Ballroom dresses for women have the most variety. Women’s body shape generally varies among apple, pear, hourglass and rectangle. Therefore, when choosing a dress pay attention, whether the profile and contours of the dress balance your features and makes you more attractive.

  • Consider the choreography

Finally, dress according to the routine and your choreography. Pick colours that are in sync with the overall mood.

Does your choreography involve performing a lot of splits? Then you are better off with short length dresses that are no longer than your thighs middle, which perfectly fits the description of Latin dresses. Likewise, with a high energy routine, you can benefit from clothes of breathable materials, and Ballroom dresses that have a sparse design to allow ventilation.

Consider the factors mentioned above, and you can easily arrive at the perfect Latin dance dress. Wear it and display your best moves!

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