Learn the Basics of Ballroom Dresses for Men and Women



Ballroom! It is THE most aesthetics-focused and image-oriented dance form. Thus, it requires the dancers to choose their ballroom dresses astutely. This is particularly essential during competitions.

Even though attires never trump the dance quality, they leave a significant impact while you’re on the dance floor. Presenting yourself in a uniquely stitched, well-fitted, and vibrant coloured dress can impress the judges, audiences, and other dancers as well.

So, putting on a dress that necessarily doesn’t shout “I’ve put a 10-seconds effort for this”, and rather, shows your effort can help you in that competition. That’s why choosing dresses from reputable online stores like Dance Dress Shop ensure you get the best quality ballroom dance dress for both men and women.

Fundamentals of the Standard/Smooth dress

For men:

White or a light monotone dress shirt with black vest, dress pants in black, a bowtie in white or black, dark-coloured socks, and Standard & Smooth shoes are all that a male ballroom dancer needs. This is the basic look of a “ballroom waiter.”

If they want to jazz things up, then throwing in a little colour with a striped tie can help in modifying the look. However, this can be done as per the dress codes of that competition only.

Important details that men can’t miss!

  • Tucking that shirt and wearing a vest that can comfortably overlap the waistband of his pants is necessary.
  • Don’t go for poufy and huge sleeves that may obscure the body frame.

For women:

Long ballroom dresses that lie between her calf and below her ankle are perfect for most ballroom dance forms. Some dancers prefer wearing skirts as well; in that case, coordinating it with a properly matched top is essential.

Pick the right closed-toe shoes or open-toe sandals that go well with your dress (gown or skirt). You can also wear a pantyhose or tights if that makes you more comfortable.

And, the importance of undergarments of women dancers cannot be stressed enough! Make sure they are securely pinned under your wardrobe. Also, avoiding strapless bras and going for halter-necks (for a halter-neck dress) is always a better option.

A few more details for all the women dancers:

  • Try picking a flowy ballroom dance dress; it’s easier to take larger steps in it. Also, medium-weight fabrics are the best choices as they groove along with your moves instead of just hanging there stiffly! Chiffon is light-weighted and looks pretty as well, but they are more delicate and prone to tear and wear.
  • While dancing, ensure that you don’t step on those hems for backward turns or flips as this often becomes a formula for disaster in competitions!
  • Choose a dress that flaunts your graceful shoulder lines. Tank tops or halter-neck dresses look immaculate on the dance floor.
  • If your dance routine is quick and fast or you’re doing a Rock N’ Roll number, then go for ballroom dresses that will allow you to move freely. Don’t pick a dress that may restrict your torso or arms.

Being well-dressed and appearing clean with this guide will make your dance moves shine through!

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